Bespoke Veneers

Guaranteed lowest prices for zirconia crowns, porcelain Emax veneers in the UK

Dental veneers are thin, customised shells crafted from materials like porcelain or composite resin. These shells are designed to cover the front surface of teeth and are used to improve the aesthetics of a smile by addressing issues such as discoloration, misalignment, irregular shape, or gaps.

The process involves a thorough examination, enamel removal from the tooth’s front surface, and the creation of custom veneers. Once ready, these veneers are securely bonded to the teeth, providing a natural and durable cosmetic enhancement. While veneers offer a versatile solution for smile improvement, individuals considering this option should consult with their dentist to ensure its suitability for their specific needs and oral health.


We have a guaranteed lowest* prices in London for EMAX or Zirconia veneers / crowns. If you find a price cheaper we will match it*.


Our veneers are blended and crafted in a high end UK London lab with vast experience in bringing people's dream smile to fruition. Our results speak for themselves.


Our cosmetic dentists are highly qualified and have carried out countless cases. Our main cosmetic dentist has completed over 200 smile makeovers over the past year alone.


We try your veneers before cementing them so you will have the opportunity to see them before placing them making sure you’re completely happy with them.

Digital Design

All your teeth impressions are placed through a highly sophisticated digital smile design to make sure that the results we make for you bring together not only beauty and aesthetics but also comfort and functionality.

Our veneer plans

Our Treatment Advisor will talk you through the benefits and limitations of each treatment option to ensure that we create for you an amazing smile at a price point that is affordable.

Ultimate Ceramic Veneers

Used to create a beautiful smile when teeth are chipped or irregular.

Our veneers process


In many cases tooth preparation is not required or is minimal. Once this has been completed, we move on to the next step!


The clinician will take a digital scan of the teeth and the technician will mock up the desired new “hollywood look”.


Once you are happy with this look the veneers will be fabricated and the clinicians will bond the veneers to the front faces of the teeth.

Before and after

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Ceramic Veneers

Ceramic veneers stand out as the gold standard in veneer technology. These veneers boast a lifetime color retention, eliminating the need for staining, re-polishing, or refinishing. The result is a long-lasting, impeccable smile that requires minimal maintenance. The aesthetic excellence achieved with Ceramic veneers surpasses other techniques. The process typically involves 2 to 3 appointments, offering a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking a durable and visually superior enhancement for their smiles.


Average London Price
Our Price
Smile Consultation£125£45
EMAX Veneers£865 per unitFront £445
Zirconia Crowns£895 per unit£475 per unit
Root Canal (when completing a makeover)Front £495 per unit
Back £695
Front £285
Back £386
Composite Filling (when completing a smile makeover)£195FREE
Laser Whitening (when completing a smile makeover)£600FREE on lower teeth

Veneer Cases

Veneers case

Nov 2023

This patient refused to have Invisalign and wanted rapid results. We managed to design 16 Emax veneers with minimal preparation to greatly enhance both her beauty and her smile design.

Veneers case


This gentleman attended in serious distress and hopeless prognosis. We restored both functionality and aesthetics to life changing levels. The patient was able to both eat and smile like never before.

Composite Veneers case

Oct 2022

We used empress composite to revolutionary purposes, greatly enhancing this patient’s smile.

Our Services

  • EMAX Veneers: Produce a veneer where we can change some malalignment and significant issues with colours and form of the front teeth to get incredible results that do not stain and are more resistant to fracture than composite veneers. Emax Veneers also look more natural and not as protruded as composite veneers.
  • Composite Veneers: If you don’t fancy cutting any of your original tooth tissue away and want to still achieve an improvement of smile then composite veneers can work for you. However results do not last as long and are viable for chipping and staining long term.
  • Zirconia Crowns: When your teeth have a lot of wear and tear, due to bruxism/grinding, then Zirconia crowns are for you. Incredible strength and aesthetics can be achieved. The strongest restauration there is. More enhanced preparation is required compared to Emax veneers.
  • Implants: Missing teeth that can’t be replaced with bridges, implants will allow us to restore that for you. We use highest quality implants on the market increasing success rate.

Our Veneer Packages

10 Exam Veneers

£ 3,770 High quality of veneers available. Produced in UK Lab
  • Initial Consultation
  • Two-visit preparation and fit
  • Thirty six-month warranty
  • All X-Rays included
  • Smile Design Included
  • Temporary Veneers Included
  • Fillings on prepared teeth included
  • Fitting / Cement action using Panavia 5 Gold standard cement
  • Teeth whitening of the lower teeth inclided

8 Composite Veneers

£ 1,985 8 upper - free hand using empress composite
  • 8 empress composite veneers
  • Free laser teeth whitening on the lower teeth
  • 3 month warranty
  • Enhanced polishing
  • Completed on same day
  • Minimal or no preparation
  • Pain free

8 Zirconia Crowns

£ 3,800
  • Initial Consultation
  • X-Rays included
  • Teeth whitening of the lower teeth inclided

Frequently Asked Questions

Composite veneers main advantage is that they can be prepared on the same day and minimal or no tooth preparation is necessary. The disadvantage is that they are more likely to chip, stain and do not last as long as porcelain veneers. Arguable they do not look as good as porcelain veneers and can be more bulky.

Porcelain veneers provide a beautiful aesthetic restoration for patients who want to improve their smile. They require a thin preparation so that they do not become bulky and took natural, the main advantage is that they do not stain, last longer and arguable look better than composite veneers. The disadvantage is that they require teeth preparation.

Both type of veneers require reasonable well alignment of the arches.

Yes. Zirconia crowns are more invasive but can help to reconfigure maligned teeth. They are incredible strong and aesthetic and do not stain. However they do require preparation which may require a root canal.

Come and visit our aesthetic dentist for a consultation, he will give you his best opinion based on many factors. These include occlusal forces on the teeth, posterior occlusion, bite capacity, alignment, colour of existing teeth and your expectation. It’s best to bring a picture of a smile that you would like to emulate so that the dentist can best guide you.

We do not compromise on the quality, nor on the UK standard of ethics, we have achieved this massive reduction in price via our lab. Instead of ordering veneers and crowns case by case (8 or 16), we have pre ordered a 1000, this greatly reduces the price for our lab work, and rather then take the profit, we pass that on completely to our patients so that you can achieve a radically improved smile, without the hefty price. Our motto : allowing all patients the peace of mind that it will be produced, fitted and prepared in the UK.

Firstly our prices are marginally higher than Turkey, but when you consider flights, time taken off work (7-14 days), then we may be as affordable as Turkey.

But price isn’t everything, it’s peace of mind and ethics.

We are regulated in UK with UK qualified and certified dentists. This means one of highest regulations in the world. We practice minimal invasive dentistry and will always try and preserve the most amount of your tooth structure so you don’t have to suffer in the future, 4-5 years down the line when you become aware to the host of issues we see at our emergency dental practice.

These include root canaled teeth – as the teeth are cut down so much almost three times as much as we prepare them – and gum disease as the crowns are prepared below the gingival level, to even decemetation as the teeth lacks retention due to the lack of tooth tissue.

An important principle in dentistry is that its easy to make your smile look good short term by cutting a lot of the tooth away, SHORT TERM, but long term the art and finesse is achieving the same results while cutting the minimal tooth tissue necessary, allowing you long term results. This is the principle we keep to at London Veneers.

  1. Call us on 02071013717, a cosmetic dentist will take your call.
  2. Send us your picture on Whatsapp for a quick quotation.
  3. Come in for your initial consultation and the preparatory work including the temporary veneers.
  4. Wait around 8 working days for our lab to prepare your permanent veneers.
  5. Come in for your final appointment to try the veneers on and cement them on your teeth if you are satisfied.
  6. The whole process can take only 10 days in total !

We suggest a 6 month post treatment appointment to check everything is fine.